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archaeology, architecture, art, landscape, mountain...mainly about these countries: italy, france, spain, greece, turkey, syrie, lebanon, jordan, iran, uzbekistan, turkmenistan, georgia, armenia,pakistan, india, cambodia, thailand, egypt, libya, tunisia, algeria, morocco, bolivia, peru, usa, crete...
please for more informations contact us: work in progress
skype: luca.mozzati
Photos by the art historian Luca Mozzati: explanations and attributions highly accurate.
Countries currently represented: Greece, Crete, Rhodes, Jordan coming. Please wait (or contact us at for other countries: work still in progress, daily additions.
Foto eseguite da uno storico dell'arte con didascalie altamente accurate. Presenti: Grecia, Rodi, Creta, Giordania
skype: luca.mozzati